Moroccan Handmade Straw Bags

These Premium Moroccan Handmade Straw Bags are sure to fulfill any need you have regarding trendy bags. Ranging from small round shaped models, perfect for comfortable and stylish everyday looks, to larger handwoven straw baskets. A great option if you are looking to rock a trendy look or decorate any room be it indoors or outdoors.

These bags are made with one hundred percent authentic local Moroccan materials including genuine leather used particularly for the top trims and handles of some of our main bags. Also these straw bags are expertly handwoven by Moroccan Artisans making every single one of the art crafts totally unique. Thanks to the attention to detail provided by the artisans and the quality of the materials used, the final product is a truly amazing product of the best quality. It is also a very reliable and sturdy product which can handle everyday activities and delivers a premium look and feel.