Argentinian Patagonia Handmade Lamps

These Macramé Hand-knotted Lamps are the epitome of skilled craftsmanship providing a truly premium look and guaranteeing a beautiful bohemian decor in any room of your gorgeous home. 

Macramé is a textile produced using different and unique knotting techniques. This form of art traces all the way back to the Babylonians and Assyrians but through the ages it has found its way to Argentina’s Patagonia where it has become a classic decorating technique used by the natives to cover anything, from their knife handles all the way to their lamps and mirrors. This technique is exactly what you will find in our Macramé lamps. These Celling Lamps are Handmade by local Argentinian Patagonian Artisans using autochthonous materials. 

Simply a beautiful product able to lighten up any room.