Peruvian Alpaca Pillows

Among our large list of star products you will find this collection of Premium Peruvian Alpaca Pillow Cushions where you will certainly discover the perfect pillow for your home.

Said collection includes a great selection of pillows in a wide variety of different colors. Made with the finest of materials they are bound to be perfect for decorating any bed, sofa or room in general. The Pillows are made with one hundred percent authentic local Peruvian materials. Particularly they are made of 40% Alpaca (Peru's signature textile and one of the best materials out there), 45% Wool and 15% Acrylic, apart from providing extreme comfort and exquisite softness to the touch these materials are sustainable.

Also these cushions are expertly handmade by Peruvian Artisans making every single one of the art crafts totally unique. Thanks to the attention to detail provided by the artisans and the quality of the materials used, the final product is truly amazing and of the best of quality.