Handmade Bags

Here at Craftology we offer a wide variety of the most premium handmade bags from all around the world. Our collection ranges from Moroccan leather bags all the way to Balinese Rattan bags.

The entirety of this collection is handmade by local artisans from different corners of the world using one hundred percent autochthonous materials delivering and absolutely amazing look and feel to each and every one of our products

Particularly our collection, as of now, includes three different selections that are as follows: Moroccan leather bags, which include an extensive repertoire of Moroccan travel bags and a particularly beautiful handbag with embossed leather. Moroccan Straw Bags, where you will find an wide variety of mesmerizing designs. And the Bali Rattan Straw Bags, which includes the classic round handbag design as well as a nifty Wallet Purse.